Sk8 Dawg


Adventure / Comedy / Family



Fourteen year old Tommy Schooner comes from a family whose lives revolve around skateboarding. His mom and dad own a rapidly growing skateboard company called Modern Skate that is preparing for a meeting with a large investment firm, headed by Mr. Hoffman. Also Tommy's sister is a professional skater and the public face of the company. Even his dog Buddy can shred with the best of them. While practicing skating with Buddy, Tommy accidentally runs into Frankie, a 17 year old local skater and town bully. After an argument, Tommy challenges Frankie to a skate competition. Unfortunately, Tommy didn't inherit his father's passion nor his sister's abilities, and the skate competition is in 5 days. With a lot of practice and a little help from his best friend Alice and his trusty dog Buddy, he just might be ready in time for the competition - and he might learn something about integrity along the way.

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